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Old Skool Movements

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What You Saying

Listening to your podcast on the train. People must think I'm mad laughing to myself.... you understand :) :) :)

Another good show, your mates confession about having crisps with an egg on top was to much :)

Wow! What a show. I listened to this show and though its the best one so far, you had me laughing on the bus. Manimal did turn into a Dolphin, I remember that episode. Well done for the brilliant show. Best Yet!

Yes lads, once again a brilliant show i always love listening to nostalgia, which makes me smile and bring back memories

Dude this is awesome, you guys rock! You have a super cool voice for radio. Geeking out on your stuff bro - Congrats I'm a listener

Yet another magnificent show,it had me laughing and talking to myself (especially with "Why, Don't, You). I thought me and my cousins were the only ones that switched it off the TV during the theme tune and went outside to play! When I heard you and Chris do it I was in stitches :)

Old Skool Movements

The podcast that discusses everything 80's retro.

Choose an episode and re-live some childhood memories.Today's youth will never know the satisfaction of fat laces, the life lessons learned from watching after-school cartoons, having your Walkman chew your favourite cassette tape or what it meant to 'be kind and rewind'. Yes, its okay to feel sorry for them, after all nostalgia is a beautiful thing.  

Nostalgia for you - Education for others.

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Image by Alexandre Debiève

Old Skool Movements Podcast

"nostalgic retrotainment in ya' ear"

Old Skool Movements is the go-to podcast for listeners to reminisce about growing up in the 80's & 90's.  Let our dynamic duo take you on a journey back in time to when children still climbed trees and watched real cartoons. With topics covering Entertainment, Film, Movies & TV to Fashion, Food and lots more.

Tune in for our fortnightly show. Whether you need something great to listen to on your way to work, or for relaxing at home, Old Skool Movements provides listeners with some great memories and nostalgic entertainment. 
Our website is a great way to keep up to date with all our latest shows. Have a look around and check out our embedded player to listen now.  
Use our Forum and join in with the topics or create your own, you never know it could become our next podcast show.

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