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Listening to your podcast on the train. People must think I'm mad laughing to myself.... you understand :) :) :)

Another good show, your mates confession about having crisps with an egg on top was to much :)

Wow! What a show. I listened to this show and though its the best one so far, you had me laughing on the bus. Manimal did turn into a Dolphin, I remember that episode. Well done for the brilliant show. Best Yet!

Yes lads, once again a brilliant show i always love listening to nostalgia, which makes me smile and bring back memories

Dude this is awesome, you guys rock! You have a super cool voice for radio. Geeking out on your stuff bro - Congrats I'm a listener

Yet another magnificent show,it had me laughing and talking to myself (especially with "Why, Don't, You). I thought me and my cousins were the only ones that switched it off the TV during the theme tune and went outside to play! When I heard you and Chris do it I was in stitches :)

London, U.K.

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